A Hollywood Military Advisor Explains How Veterans Can Break Into Show Biz

(Originally Published at Task & Purpose)


 on February 23, 2016

Task & Purpose interviews James D. Dever, a former Recon Marine, about his career as a military advisor in Los Angeles.

There are plenty of obvious career opportunities for men and women separating from the military. The skills, knowledge, and mindset a person acquires in the service translate seamlessly into jobs in law enforcement, defense contracting, and project management. Then there are the less obvious opportunities. When James D. Dever, a former Recon Marine, retired from the Marine Corps as a sergeant major in the late ‘90s, he identified one such opportunity and seized it.

“Becoming a Hollywood military advisor was really a matter of right time, right place,” Dever told Task & Purpose in an interview. “I worked on an independent movie called ‘Green Dragon’ with Patrick Swayze soon after I got out of the Marine Corps and word got around about how I work. Then it just took off from there.”

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