Laura G. - Schlumberger: Military Trained, Career Ready

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Laura G


At age 19 Laura G. knew she wanted to be successful in life, so she began her career in the Army Reserves. She had seen the positive impact of military life in her older brother who had served and also wanted to be able to attend college without accruing debt. The military not only provided her with a stable lifestyle to reach her goals, but it also gave her the skills she would need to be successful in the civilian world once she transitioned.

As a Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear Specialist for the Reserves, Laura made sure her assignments were completed quickly and correctly. She feels that a strong sense of personal accountability is essential in the military, as a mistake could cost a life.

Laura is now the Marketing Communications Manager for Cameron International. Her position requires her to utilize the leadership skills and work ethic she gained in the military. She says the core values of the military really came into play once she joined the civilian workforce. Being dedicated to supporting any team you are placed on, and ensuring that you do your job efficiently, are key qualities that employers look for while hiring and promoting.

Laura's advice to those transitioning into civilian career fields is to take initiative in everything you do. Ask questions, find out what needs to be done, and get things done early! She equates the way you should enter the civilian workforce with the way you entered boot camp; if you want to make it through successfully, you have to jump in immediately and meet the goals and objectives of your organization.

One of Laura's co-workers often reminds her that "no good deed goes unpunished" in reference the extra responsibilities that tend to be placed on hard-working individuals. She laughs because she enjoys the additional work and sees it as a challenge—an attitude that will no doubt help her reach her goal to become a successful executive leader and to inspire others along the way.